Wind River Meridian

The Wind River Indian Reservation was established in 1868 for the Eastern Shoshone, and was surveyed by the federal government starting in 1875. The reservation covers around 3,500 square miles in west central Wyoming. The original sandstone monument at the initial point was last reported to have been there in 1948, but after that it was slowly broken away, and was gone by the 1980s. Pieces of it since been retrieved and placed back at the site. The regulation brass tablet (disc) installed by the General Land Office in 1931 is set in a 12-inch square concrete post, anchored 30 inches in the ground, which marks the site. A piece of the old sandstone marker has been placed next to the official initial point marker, located at a fence corner, fence running west, and north.


The Wind River Indian Reservation (in red) surrounded by the rest of Wyoming (in yellow). The reservation was one of four surveyed by the federal Western Lands Survey. Another (also in red) at the lower left of the map is the Uinitah Reservation in northeastern Utah.