Washington/St.Helena Meridian

This location is unique, as it is actually two initial points in one place; the Washington Meridian, extending north from the baseline into southern Mississippi in 1803, and the St. Helena Meridian, heading south into Louisiana from the same point on the baseline in 1819. This one is also unusual, as not only has the original marker never been discovered, but no commemorative marker has ever been erected for it. It is one of the forgotten—or at least neglected—Initial Points.

2324 The blue portion indicates the 1803 Washington Meridian, and beneath that the St. Helena Meridian survey area of 1819. This latter area was an addition to the state of Louisiana, east of the Mississippi River, land that was formerly the western edge of Florida until it was seized from the Spanish in 1810.

2241 An east/west portion of the state line between Louisiana and Mississippi was created along the baseline, and the meridian intersects it.