Tallahassee Meridian

The treaty made with the Spanish transferring the ownership of Florida to the USA was ratified in 1821 and in 1824 the federal government undertook the surveying program to legally measure and describe the land of the state. The Initial Point was selected to be at the newly-established seat of government, in what is now the state’s capitol city, Tallahassee. A site one quarter mile east and one quarter mile south from the future State Capitol building was selected to start the survey, and a wooden stake was set in the swampy ground. Lots in town went on the market a month later, and the American development of Florida began.

2264 CLUI photo.The Initial Point is in a park next to state offices on Meridian Road. The current monument was built in 1925 on top of a monument from 1892. The 1892 monument consisted of a one ton boulder, hauled on a wagon from 20 miles away, and placed into a hole in the ground. The cardinal points (north, east, south, and west) were indicated with a cross carved into the stone, with the township/range numbers in the spaces between the lines.

2265 CLUI photo.Research suggests that the monument constructed in 1892 (and thus the current one) is actually ten feet east of the original 1824 Initial Point location.

2266 CLUI photo.Additional plaques were added to the monument in 1977 and 1995.

2267 CLUI photo.

2268 CLUI photo.

2337 All of Florida was surveyed from the Initial Point at Tallahassee.