6. Platte River Road Archway Monument, Kearney, Nebraska

1410 63 miles from the Center of the USA
A westward migration history museum and road-side attraction, that spans Interstate 80, like an archway marking the transition from East to West, and West to East, or like a covered bridge to nowhere. Opened in 2000, the museum was designed by a team from the Walt Disney company and is full of full-size dioramas of people, carts, and wagons, and live staff dressed in period garb. It’s located here because it’s the middle of the country, pretty much. The interstate is the latest version of the transcontinental route (from New York to San Francisco), and follows the historic Platte River in this stretch, as well as the original path of the Lincoln Highway. 30 miles further west on I-80 is its mid-point, mile 1,450 of the 2,900 mile long highway, and 20 more miles west is the 100th Meridian, one of the historic transition points between east and west. The 300-foot long building was assembled next to the interstate, then wheeled out and lifted into place, reducing the needed closure of the interstate to 12 hours.