2. Largest Ball of Twine, Cawker City, Kansas

1405 23 miles from the Center of the USA
It seems to be an earnest trope of the heartland to have a “largest ball of twine” attraction, but this is one of the superlative superlatives. Located a few towns southeast of Lebanon, in Cawker City, Kansas, this one is, most certainly, the largest ball of twine closest to the geographic center of the 48 states. It is also officially the “largest sisal twine ball built by a community,” as opposed to the “largest sisal twine ball made by a single person,” at Darwin Minnesota, or the “heaviest ball of twine,” still being built in Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin, or the Ripley’s Believe it or Not “largest twine ball” in Branson, Missouri. Unlike the others, the Cawker City ball is outdoors and open to the public, and twine is kept on hand for passers-by to add to it. Currently it has about 1,500 miles of twine on it, enough, appropriately for its central location, to stretch to one coast, or the other.