Enola Gay Hangar

1629 CLUI photoThis building is the largest remaining hangar on base. The Enola Gay bomber was kept here for a few months while the plane and its crew were being readied for their historic flight to drop the first atomic bomb on Japan. The hangar has seen several temporary uses since the closure of the airbase. If you look carefully on the left side of the hangar, in the space between the two rows of windows on the side, you will see faded large lettering saying "Project Tesla." This refers to a period in the early 1980s, when the hangar was leased to a high energy physicist named Robert Golka, who built large tesla coils and other high voltage apperati to support his research related to free energy distribution. Before he could finish his work, he was evicted from the hangar, when the city took over its management. Golka later set up a lab at the bottom of the Climax Mine in Leadville, Colorado. He is reportedly still at work on his ideas, and is based in Massachusetts. The hangar is now used just for storage, occasional events (including boxing matches), and as a film location. Some have proposed turning the hangar into a museum of aviation, and attempts have been made to bring the Enola Gay back from the Smithsonian Museum.

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