Winter 1999

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Winter 1999
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January 15, 1999
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Despite one's more sanguine notions, we need to view the nation not as a continent of distinct regions and disparate terrain, but as an
integrated geographic machine, serving the industrial and social operations that support our consumptive culture. - Damon Farragut

CLUI Schedule for 1999
1999 promises to be a busy and interesting year for The Center, and we hope you can participate in some of the upcoming events listed below:
-A photographic installation of work by Bill Dubois will open at CLUI Los Angeles in February, entitled Large-Scale Excavations In Nevada.
-Over the coming year, CLUI Archive photos are making their way to exhibits around the country, such as the As Far as the Eye Can See exhibit in Atlanta, opening in January, and at Rosamond Felsen Gallery in Los Angeles in February.
-Major improvements will be made to the facilities at Wendover this spring and summer, and an exhibit of Wendover Residents work will open in the Spring at the CLUI Exhibit Hall in Wendover, Utah.
- A New modular headquarters for CLUI Los Angeles will open this spring, next door to the current facilities.
-CLUI exhibit at MIT's List Center in Massachusetts in April.
-More Independent Interpreter presentations in Los Angeles, all year.
-Volunteer Work Party at Wendover (June. Call if you want to participate!)
-CLUI exhibit at Seattle Contemporary Art Center (Summer)
-Landscape of Conjecture exhibit at CLUI Los Angeles (Fall)
Of course more exhibit venues in the Land Use Museum Complex continue to be  under development too . . .
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