Summer 2000

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Summer 2000
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July 1, 2000
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The more one thinks about it, the more the Earth resembles a brain... The contorted geography like the folds of a developing cerebellum, mutated by the evolutionary influences of our collective experience.... Exploring into this space is to examine the unknown realm of the common human mind, whose labyrinthine mysteries lie in infinite complexity around us, manifested in the physical world we build and inhabit. -Damon Farragut

Of course, building projects take longer than you think, and as the article on page one of this newsletter describes, our main office and exhibit site in Los Angeles is still being prepared. Our exhibition schedule has been postponed until September. If you received this newsletter, you will also receive a notice of the first exhibit and the grand opening of the space. We are still open to the public, though only by appointment, and services are hindered by the temporary office location, spread out in a trailer and a few offices of the old forensic lab. We have been active on other fronts too, as the extreme lateness of this newsletter going to press indicates. The exhibit series, beginning in September, will begin with the Earthworks and Entropy show (about the decay of land art), and will be followed by Deleted Communities, an exhibit about towns that have been removed by human-induced forces, such as for reservoir construction or contamination problems. An exhibit about film and television locations will open in December, and the exhibit program for CLUI Los Angeles continues into the new year. Meanwhile, we have exhibitions this fall at field locations in the Mojave desert and at the CLUI complex in Wendover, Utah, and we hope to have a building secured to house the CLUI’s northeastern USA operations by the Fall as well. Other exhibition spaces will also be hosting some CLUI exhibits this Fall and next year, and we will keep you informed about these. As always, we welcome our new subscribers, and salute our faithful readership with a hailstorm of gratitude for their continued support of the CLUI. We have exciting times coming up, and we’re so glad you can be with us.

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