Summer 1997

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Summer 1997
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July 2, 1997
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. . . a landscape is beautiful when it has been or can be the scene of a significant experience in self-awareness and eventual self-knowledge.  
- J.B. Jackson

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This issue of The Lay of the Land describes the successful execution of the Hinterland project, a “Voyage into Exurban Southern California,” and talks about some unusual sites in the Southwest and beyond, including two remarkable rocket launch facilities (in fact the skies are full of rockets zipping across U.S. test ranges, from Florida to New Mexico, to Islands across the Pacific!) Hinterland marks the completion of a major investigative foray into the landscapes of Southern California. Not that we’re no longer interested this spectacular region, one of the most dynamic and diversely transformed, not to mention culturally rich regions in the country, but, rather, we will begin to increase our efforts in other parts of the country which are in need of attention, in addition to maintaining our resource on Southern California and publishing Hinterland in a guidebook form.

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