Spring 1999

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Spring 1999
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April 1, 1999
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“You are not wasting your time if you are someplace where you have never been” - Damon Farragut

Upcoming CLUI Events
April 23 to June 27, Cambridge, Massachusetts: The Center's exhibit, Commonwealth of Technology: Extrapolations on the Contemporary Landscape of Massachusetts includes more than 50 photographs in an installation that is part of Landscape: Outside the Frame at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's List Visual Arts Center in Massachusetts. As part of the exhibit a bus tour, led by the CLUI,  will visit sites in the field. Tour is on May 1. Call (617) 253-4400 for more information.

June 12 to July 31, Seattle, Washington: CLUI exhibit about Washington State will be featured as part of the Land/Use/Action exhibit at Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art.  Two bus tours and a high-speed boat tour are planned on the weekends of June 13 and 20th. Call (206) 728-1980 for more information.

June 23-27, Wendover, Utah: Annual Volunteer Work Party at the Center's Wendover Complex. Work includes the restoration of two more buildings that the Center has leased on the abandoned airbase. Call (310) 839-5722 if you want to participate.

Other upcoming exhibits and events at the Center's Los Angeles exhibit hall this summer include a presentation of recently uncovered information about the creation of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty, by Smithson scholar Hikmet Dogu, and an installation and presentation by nuclear artist James Acord, as well as an installation and presentation of the work of postcard maker Merle Porter, by Sabrina Merlo.

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