Merriewold West, New Jersey

An exhibition called "Projects in Nature" was held in 1975 on a private estate in rural New Jersey, involving eleven "environmental artists," most of whom constructed some kind of outdoor work on the property. Artists included Carl Andre, Alan Sondheim, John Goodyear, and Clayton Lee. Alice Aycock constructed a subterranean space which could be entered through portals and ladders called "Simple Network for Underground Wells and Tunnels." The site of this piece is now the edge of a horse pasture, and it seems that a feed shed was built on top of the piece, which no doubt still has fragments underground. Richard Fleischner made "Sod Drawing" on the lawn of the mansion, consisting of a few small mounds and a long trench, like a cut in the earth. This piece was also removed by subsequent owners of the property. Debris from the sculptures was dumped in the woods. The only visible fragment on the property are remains left over from George Trakas' "Union Station" piece, consisting of a 144 foot wood bridge and a 106 foot steel bridge which intersected in the woods. As part of the piece, the point of intersection was detonated with a small charge of dynamite.