Iroquois Gas Transmission Pipeline, New York
A natural gas pipeline that runs from the Canadian border (at Waddington, NY) to South Commack, on Long Island, supplying over 3 million homes, as well as industries and power stations, in six northeastern states with gas from western Canada. The company that hurriedly built the line in 1991 has faced criminal charges and millions in fines, due to negligence that resulted in concerns about the safety of the pipe. During installation, large boulders were dumped into the trench at many points along the route, rocks heavy enough that they may have weakened the high-pressure pipe. The 24- and 30-inch diameter line is 375 miles long, cost almost $700 million, and travels across NY State and part of Connecticut. There are three compressor stations along its course, as well as several interconnects to other pipeline systems. The company that owns it is a partnership of 10 US and Canadian energy companies.