Greenbrier Government Relocation Facility, West Virginia

Planned by the Eisenhower Administration and completed in 1961, this formerly secret underground bunker was designed to house members of Congress and their staffs during (and after) nuclear attack and is located below the Greenbrier Resort Hotel. Construction of a new hotel wing and expansion of its golf course served as cover for the bunker's construction. Portions of the bunker, including an exhibit hall and two lecture halls (intended for use by the houses of Congress) were used by the hotel. The blast door leading to these areas, which can withstand a modest nuclear blast 15-30 miles away, was concealed by what hotel guests were told was an expansion joint. In 1992, the bunker's cover was blown by a Washington Post reporter tipped by sources who saw the bunker as outdated and unrealistic. The Greenbrier Resort Hotel now gives tours of the 112,544-square-foot facility to hotel guests and the public.