Formosa Plastics Point Comfort, Texas

Formosa's 1,600 acre petrochemical complex, on the Gulf Coast between Corpus Christi and Houston, was one of the newer as well as larger U.S. petrochemical plants, at the time of its construction. Since the original VCM/PVC plant went online in 1983, around $3 billion more has been spent expanding the site in the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2014, a proposed $2 billion expansion was apporved by state and federal regulators.  The site now has 13 production units, making many common plastics and feedstocks including LLDPE, HDPE, Chlor-alkali, ethylene dichloride, and polypropylene. At full capacity, the plant employs almost 2,000 people. In 2005, a propylene release and explosion caused a fire which burned for five days, injuring a number of workers. A subsequent OSHA investigation found Formosa guilty of a number of violations, resulting in a $148,000 fine. Formosa, a privately held company based in New Jersey, has two other plants in the USA, at Delaware City, Delaware and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The company is a unit of the Formosa Plastics Group of Taiwan, which employs over 103,000 people in plastics production worldwide. Across from the Formosa Plant in Point Comfort is a massive Alcoa alumina plant.