Earth Art Exhibit Site, New York

A groundbreaking exhibit called "Earth Art" was held at the Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art at Cornell University in 1969, curated by Willoughby Sharp. Included in the exhibit were Hans Haacke, Neil Jenney, Richard Long, David Medalla, Robert Morris, Dennis Oppenheim, Robert Smithson, and Gunter Uecker. Most of the works were installed inside galleries. The outdoor works included, Jan Dibbets' "A Trace in the Woods in the Form of an Angle of 30 degrees Crossing a Path," which consisted of a line of approximately 300 feet of overturned turf. The walk through the woods was part of the piece. David Medalla made a mound of muddied earth behind the museum, and Dennis Oppenheim cut ice on a river with a chainsaw. Smithson did a mirror displacement in a salt mine, and featured the site as a "nonsite" in the gallery. Apparently nothing of the outdoor works remains.