Cadillac Ranch, Texas

This American landmark, composed of ten vintage Cadillacs buried nose-first in a field outside Amarillo, was originally installed in 1974. It was conceived by a group of artists and architects known as Ant Farm (Chip Ward, Hudson Marquez, and Doug Michaels), and it was funded and "seen through" by the notorios Amarillo resident Stanly Marsh III (Stanly Marsh III is responsible for a host of unusual sights around Amarillo including Floating Mesa, a giant moveable pool table, Robert Smithson's Amarillo Ramp, and a rash of over 2,000 wacky "street" signs which appeared throughout the area in the 1990s). In 1997, concerned about the aestheic impact that the encroaching suburbs of Amarillo were having on Cadillac Ranch, Mr. Marsh had the whole sculpture dug up and relocated to another portion of his property, two miles further outside of town.