Boron Air Station and Prison

At a remote desert site six miles north of Kramer Junction is a former Federal Prison Camp, which closed in April 2000. It was one of around 47 minimum security federal prison camps in the country, and housed about 540 male inmates. Workers in the prison assembled parts for military vehicles and rebuilt forklifts for the army. The boarded up prison facility is located on the site of the old Boron Air Station. Also known as the Boron Air Force Radar Facility, it was managed by nearby Edwards Air Force Base, and consisted of several barracks and administration buildings spread out over a few hundred acres, with a large radar dome at the peak of the hill. It was once a part of the National Air Defense Command. Most of the facility was later used by the Prison Camp, and it is now abandoned and being vandalized. It may eventually be sold as surplus property through the GSA. The domed structure at the hill top is still in use by the Air Force and the FAA.